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Manuel Iturra Gonzalez
Web&Graphic Designs - Teacher of EFL
manuel@iturra.net | www.iturra.net

Independant Web&Graphic Designs
Works at SDPro since. 2011 until present,
Teaching EFL in the private & public area since 1999 until present

• Educational Computing:1995
University of Bio Bio, Chillán, Chile.
• Bachelor´s degree in Education: 1999
University of Bio Bio, Chillán, Chile
• Teacher of ESL: 2000
University of Bio Bio, Chillán, Chile.
• Technology and Education: 2005
Nova Southeastern University, FL, USA.

• Dr. Rashid A. Moore — Coordinator in the Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University
• Tim Rivard — President, Fuel Right (Canada) Limited
• Robert Paine — General Manager, PTC Financial Corp.
• Leon Walker — Director for the Spanish Work of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association


Here you can check some of the websites I've done in the past, just click on them and a pop up window will show up.

Contact me at Manuel Iturra | (56-9) 762 14403 | In the US call (305) 515 4384


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