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Manuel Iturra Gonzalez
Web&Graphic Designs - Teacher of EFL
manuel@iturra.net | www.iturra.net

Independant Web&Graphic Designs
Works at SDPro since. 2011 until present,
Teaching EFL in the private & public area since 1999 until present

• Educational Computing:1995
University of Bio Bio, Chillán, Chile.
• Bachelor´s degree in Education: 1999
University of Bio Bio, Chillán, Chile
• Teacher of ESL: 2000
University of Bio Bio, Chillán, Chile.
• Technology and Education: 2005
Nova Southeastern University, FL, USA.

• Dr. Rashid A. Moore — Coordinator in the Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University
• Tim Rivard — President, Fuel Right (Canada) Limited
• Robert Paine — General Manager, PTC Financial Corp.
• Leon Walker — Director for the Spanish Work of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association


So, you are curious about me, eh?

I have divided my skills into the following two areas:

→ Bilingual Web Development and Graphic Designs — February 2002 until present.

In February of 2002 I started designing small websites for public institutions in my local area. In 2003 a friend and I started an internet based business where email marketing and web designs were the principal tasks, having clients throughout the country and abroad. Since then, I have been administering different websites and networks in Chile and other countries, including the US, New Zealand, and most Latin America. English and Spanish have been the main languages used in these projects. In 2008 I moved to the capital city (Santiago) as I was offered a part-time job running a real estate company (PTC Financial Agencia en Chile) managing people, inventory, developing and administering the company’s website, translating official documents and reporting to the owners of the company in the United States. At the same time, I created a small company called SDPro (Professional Design Services www.sdpro.cl) offering services such as Web design, online marketing, branding & banners, Social Media integration, Search Engine Optimization, hosting services and video edition. I left the American company in 2011 to go full-time with my personal business.

→ Teacher of English as a Foreign Language & Translator — Dec. 1999 until present.

I have taught English as a Foreign Language (EFL) for almost 13 years in different public and private schools, language institutions and private companies in Chile; I have taken different courses related to my profession and mixed both language and technology to reach the different objectives as a teacher. Also, I have done English/Spanish & Spanish/English translations of documents, letters, articles, manuals, brochures and have worked as a link between companies in Chile and the United States and Canada. In 2005 I was granted a scholarship to study at the Nova Southeastern University in Florida (USA) to improve my knowledge on technology and education. Presently, I have a small group of students for private English lessons.

Contact me at Manuel Iturra | (56-9) 762 14403 | In the US call (305) 515 4384


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